Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 Wide v3.0 (5' x 3' x 6'8")
Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 Wide v3.0 (5' x 3' x 6'8")
Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 Wide v3.0 (5' x 3' x 6'8")

Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 Wide v3.0 (5' x 3' x 6'8")

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    Whether you’re wanting to use hydroponics or traditional pot and soil, Secret Jardin grow tents are specially and intuitively designed to provide the optimal growing environment to keep your plants happy and healthy. Secret Jardin grow tents truly are some of the most high-quality grow tents on the market, and the quality speaks for itself, Secret Jardin has secured itself as one of the most popular grow tent brands in the industry.

    The Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 Wide v3.0 is a self-contained enclosure tent designed out of reinforced aluminum featuring a waterproof, strong, washable lining, with an incredibly high reflective thermal film for the interior. The interior thermal film is 95% reflective and provides 97% insulating protection.

    Featuring a full-size zippered front door, the Dark Room 150 Wide v3.0 allows easy access to your crops!

    The Dark Room 150 Wide v3.0 features socks and ports that allow you to easily connect fans, filters and ducting to both sides of the grow tent, no need for clamps or reducers.

    This tent also features mini dual-sock ports that are designed for power cords and hydroponic tubing!

    Finally the Dark Room 150 Wide v3.0 is made from non-toxic material, you can be rest-assured that your plants are growing without being exposed to toxic chemicals.

    The Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 Wide v3.0 is a great option for both beginner and expert growers.

    Key Features
    • Compatible with both hydroponic and traditional pot and soil growing
    • Lined with DP90 providing
      • Extremely high light proofing rating (level 1)
      • Water-proof
    • (210D) 95% reflective mylar interior lining
      • Helps maximize light distribution to help plants grow healthy and strong
    • Includes fitted Water Spill Tray!
    • Fast and easy assembly
    • Tent material is safely washable
    • Extremely strong and durable tent polls
    • Two side viewing windows
    • Includes complete, full color, illustrated instructions and a heavy duty carrying bag.
    • Includes six 11” ports
      • Two intake
      • Two Exhaust
      • Two cooling tubes
    • Three 3” electrical and or hydroponic tubing socks
    • Material is very light and easily portable.
    • Included Accessories!
      • One Pair StrapIT- Strap for Filter
      • One Pair HookIT- Hooks for Lighting
      • Fifteen CableIT- Clips for cables and nets
      • One PocketIT- Tools pouch with adjustable height







    Pole Material:


    Tent Material:

    210D Mylar


    28 lbs

    How Many Plants?:



    Suggested Additional Equipment

                  Either an HPS or LED grow light can be used. However, depending on the grow light you use, you will need different ventilation configurations and demands.

    • LED grow lights need less CFM since they produce very little heat
    • HPS grow lights need more CFM since they produce more heat
     If Using LED Grow Light, You'll Need...

    1.       LED Grow Light:

    Power at Least 400W

    2.       Ventilation Inline Fan Extraction/Exhaust:

    Capable of at least 100 CFM (Every 1-2 min)

    If Using HPS Grow Light, You’ll Need…

    1.       HPS Grow Light:

    Power at least 600W

    2.       Ventilation Inline Intake Fan:

    Capable of at least 200 CFM (Every 30-60 sec)

    3.       Ventilation Inline Extraction/Exhaust Fan:

    Capable of at least 100 CFM (Every 30-60 sec)


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