NextLight: Core Pro 210W LED Grow Light
NextLight: Core Pro 210W LED Grow Light
NextLight: Core Pro 210W LED Grow Light
NextLight: Core Pro 210W LED Grow Light
NextLight: Core Pro 210W LED Grow Light

NextLight: Core Pro 210W LED Grow Light

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    Core Pro 210W LED Grow Light

    Designed to replace a 315W CMH, or a 400W MH, the NextLight Core Pro is a bright white LED grow light that is incredibly high in efficiency and the perfect lighting option for all growers, particularly those growing in smaller spaces such as a grow tent.

    The NextLight Core Pro takes the same high intensity of the Mega Pro components of the Mega Pro and condenses them creating an incredibly high intensity grow light, designed for smaller spaces.

    The superior diode array outperforms typical LED bar fixtures, especially in shared lighting environments that are far from the canopy!

    Amongst the biggest problems that growers run into is excessive power consumption, bulb replacements, and heat exhaust. With the NextLight Pro series, these problems will be a thing of the past!

    The Core Pro is a great option for small growing environments, and due to its versatility, the Core Pro can be used in all stages of plant growth from seedling to flower!

    With a primary focus of high intensity flowering, the all-new onboard dimming feature allows for more control over destined light intensity. Output can be adjusted between 25%, 50% 75% and 100%.

    For more precise external dimming, we recommend the NextLight Control Pro (NOT INCLUDED). The Control Pro allows On/Off timing, Sunrise/Sunset programming and more! The Control Pro can control up to 500 Next Light Pro Series fixtures per controller!

    Check Out the NextLight Control Pro HERE!

    NextLight Full Spectrum LED

    NextLight LED grow light fixtures feature a full-spectrum, bright white light which is even more sun-like compared to a traditional HPS.

    This spectrum allows tighter internodal spacing and better overall quality.

    Full-spectrum, bright white LED has become an industry “Gold-Standard” for grow lighting.

    NextLight’s full-spectrum is lighting is easy to work under and provides sun-like qualities that plants love!

    If your ready to take the next step in upgrading your grow, you will not be disappointed with the NextLight Core Pro 210W LED Grow Light!


    • 2.6 PPF/W (μmol/J)
    • DLC Hort Listed
    • UL 8800
    • IP65 Wet Rated
    • 5 Year Full Warranty - All Components - Down to the Diode
    • Designed for use in open rooms, over benches, in racks or grow tents
    • Onboard Dimming
    • External Dimming (Controller NOT INCLUDED)
    • NextLight’s Full Spectrum is recommended from seed to harvest
    • Passively Cooled
    • Plug & Play
      • contains power & dimming cords, power supply and mounting hardware.



    Input Current:

    1.75 @ 120V

    Energy Use:

    210 Watts (205W @ 277V)





    BTU Output:



    23.25” x 23.25” x 2.75”


    11 lbs (4.9 kg)

    Operating Voltage:

    120-277 VAC

    Operating Frequency:

    50/60 Hz

    Operating Temperature:

    -4ºF to 104ºF (-20ºC to 40ºC)


    5 Year Full

    Life Rating:

    Q90 > 50,000 Hours


    DLC Hort, CE, UL 8800


    IP65 Wet Rated


    What’s Included?

    • One Core Pro LED Grow Light Fixture
    • Two Fixture Hooks
    • One NextLight Pro Series Power Cord (10’)
    • NextLight Pro Series Control Cable (10’)



    • Why does NextLight use white light?
      • NextLight LED grow lights use full spectrum, bright white light for a couple reasons. First, the NextLight Spectrum encompasses the full spectrum of the trusted HPS 1000 and adds everything it lacks. Second, bright white light is easy to work under and enables you to easily detect any problems with your plants.
    • I heard plants only use red and blue light. Why waste energy on green light?
      • This is a myth perpetuated by LED manufacturers using proprietary purple spectrums.
      • The NextLight Spectrum gives you more green and yellow than LED competitors of the past. Modern science has concluded, in bright white conditions, green light is most photosynthetically efficient.
      • When purple LEDs were first introduced to the market, the use of green light was not feasible from a technology standpoint. Therefore, they used outdated science to promote their perfect purple, proprietary spectrum.
    • Do NextLight fixtures emit Ultraviolet and Infrared light?
      • Plants primarily utilize light within the visible light spectrum for plant growth. Therefore, NextLight products do not incorporate light outside the visible light spectrum; i.e. ultraviolet (UV) light and infrared (IR) light. For customers who desire UV and IR, we suggest using supplemental lighting.
      • NOTICE: Trace amounts of UV emitted from NextLight products. Minimize exposure to eyes or skin. Use appropriate shielding or eye protection.
    • Do NextLight lights offer dimming capabilities?
      • Most NextLight Pro Series products come with external and onboard dimming capabilities. The NextLight Plus Pro is the only Pro Series product that only has external dimming capabilities. NextLight Home Series products have onboard dimming capabilities.
    • How high should I have my Nextlight product from my plant canopy?
      • For large commercial applications, suggested hanging height may very, so please contact us for recommendations. Do NOT hang fixtures lower than the minimum suggested hanging height, this may burn plants
    • How many diodes do NextLight Fixtures have?
      • NextLight Mega Pro: 2,784 Diodes
      • NextLight Veg8 Pro: 640 Diodes
      • NextLight Core Pro: 896 Diodes
      • NextLight Plus Pro: 1344 Diodes
      • NextLight 420h: 1792 Diodes
      • NextLight 150h: 672 Diodes
    • How many lumens do NextLight lights produce?
      • NextLight Mega Pro: 116,705 Lumens
      • NextLight Veg8 Pro: 37,364 Lumens
      • NextLight Core Pro: 37,372 Lumens
      • NextLight Plus Pro: 56,270 Lumens
    • Can you flower with NextLight lights?
      • Yes, most NextLight products can be used in both flower and veg.
    • What NextLight fixture should I purchase to replace my current grow light?
      • NextLight LED grow lights are designed to efficiently replace and outperform traditional grow lights. Below is a list of NextLight products, adjacent are the traditional fixtures they are designed to replace.

    NextLight Mega Pro, 640W

    1000W DE HPS

    NextLight Veg8 Pro, 210W             

    450W 8 Tube T5

    NextLight Core Pro, 210W             

    315W CMH

    NextLight Plus Pro, 320W             

    600W HPS

    Low Heat
    • How much heat do NextLight LED grow lights produce?
      • Generally speaking, NextLight products produce about half the heat of the traditional grow lights they are designed to replace. Below is a list of NextLight products and their BTU output. Suggested room temperature will vary but generally low to mid 80s is recommended in most situations.

    NextLight Fixture

    BTU Output

    NextLight Mega Pro, 640W


    NextLight Veg8 Pro, 210W             


    NextLight Core Pro, 210W             


    NextLight Plus Pro, 320W             


    NextLight 420h, 420W


    NextLight 150h, 150W


    • Where is the ballast?
      • LED fixtures differ from traditional lighting fixtures which utilize a remote ballast. NextLight products are powered using self-contained drivers. Just plug and play.
    • Do NextLight products use fans?
      • No, NextLight products do not contain fans. These products are passively cooled by having adequate airflow in the environment. This innovation allows for a silent and highly efficient product experience.
    • Why do NextLight products have a lens over the diodes?
      • All NextLight products are manufactured without a lens over their diodes for the purpose of increased light intensity. NextLight products are IP65 Wet Rated and certified for use in damp locations and are protected against water projected from a nozzle.
    Quality and Certification
    • Why so expensive? I can get LEDs on Amazon?
      • NextLight is a leading provider of the highest efficiency and quality LED grow lights. What makes NextLight products different from other grow lights on the market is the amount of usable light emitted by our fixtures relevant to the amount of energy consumed. NextLight products are backed by data. Most cheap LED manufacturers do not release relevant data about their products.
      • In addition, NextLight products are backed by the best Five (5) Year Full Manufacturer’s Warranty, covering all components, down to the diode.
    • Where are NextLight products made?
      • All NextLight products are designed in Ohio and assembled in China.
    • Is it DLC or UL listed?
      • All NextLight Pro Series products are DLC Hort Listed and UL 8800 certified.
    • Do NextLight fixtures qualify for energy rebates?
      • NextLight fixtures are some of the most efficient products on the market and qualify for the best energy rebates with most energy providers. Please contact us for more information.
    • How long do NextLight LED grow lights last?
      • NextLight fixtures have a Q90 life rating of greater than 50,000. This equates to 11.5 years for flowering (12hrs on / 12hrs off) and 7.5 years for vegetative (18hrs on / 6 hrs off) situations before any intensity loss.
    • What is the warranty on NextLight LED Grow lights?
      • NextLight products come with a Five (5) Year Full Manufacturer's Warranty.

    Shipping and Refunds

    At Grow Tent Harvest we strive to create the best shopping experience possible for our valued customers.

    • On all orders equal to or totaling over $50.00, Grow Tent Harvest offers free-shipping in the United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico).
    • Orders must be shipped to a physical address, eg no P.O. Boxes
      • All orders placed with Grow Tent Harvest will be processed Monday-Friday, 6 am- 4 pm (PST).
        • Any orders placed on holidays, after hours or over weekends will be processed on the next business day.

    Cancellations & Refunds:

    • Please review our warranties, refunds, returns and cancellations page to see NextLight’s cancellation and refund policies.


    Price Match Guarantee

    • We pride ourselves on our diligent work to make sure we are bringing our customers the lowest price on the internet, period.
      • If you find a lower price on any other site on the internet and submit a claim to us at, we will refund you the difference.
      • Please visit our price match guarantee page to view the details of our price match policy.


    Customer Reviews

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    I am currently using the NextLight Core Pro as a veg light in my 3x3 grow tent and my plants have never been happier! The dimming features are perfect for dialing in the perfect light intensity and the full spectrum ensures a perfect transition from veg to bloom. I'll never use another LED grow light again! NextLight 4 Life!!!