Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 650R 630W LED Grow Light
Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 650R 630W LED Grow Light
Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 650R 630W LED Grow Light
Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 650R 630W LED Grow Light
Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 650R 630W LED Grow Light

Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 650R 630W LED Grow Light

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    HLG 650R 630W LED Grow Light

    The 650R represents one of HLG’s most powerful lighting fixtures to date!

    The HLG 650R operates at a max power of 630W, but is capable of replacing a 1000W Double-Ended (DE) fixture, meaning growers can save a ton on energy costs, without sacrificing the quality of their grow!

    The HLG 650R features a reliable, and passively cooled design with minimal points of failure!

    With Full-Spectrum Quantum Boards, the HLG 650R is optimal for plant growth!

    Designed for both home growers and commercial operations!

    The HLG 650R features a Full-Spectrum white with boosted Deep Red 660nm for incredible flowering results! This light shortens the flowering cycle by 3-4 days compared to standard 3000K spectrum, or 12-15 days when compared to HPS lighting.

    This unit is dimmable, with power output from 60-630W.

    • 81 PPF/W High Efficiency at 630 watts
    • Full-Spectrum!
    • 1770 PPF High Output to replace even 1000W DE
    • Quantum Board QB 648, made by Samsung
    • Full Spectrum White and 660nm Red
    • Reliable passive-cooled design
    • Better Canopy light penetration with diffused light
    • 60 to 630W dimmable design
    • Auto-sensing Inventronics power supply works on both 120VAC, 240VAC and 277VAC
    • 3 Year Warranty!
    PPFD Measurement Result at 24" Height- 6 in sq Grid

    PPFD Measurement Result at 30" Height- 6 in sq Grid




    Voltage Range:

    100-277V VAC 50-60Hz


    Samsung LM301H & Deep Red

    Flowering Footprint:

    5’x5’ @ 30”

    Veg Footprint:

    7’x7’ @ 48”

    System PPF Efficacy:

    2.81 umol/j

    Total Output:

    1770 PPF



    Recommended Mounting Height:

    30-36” from canopy


    3 Years




    Are LED Grow Lights Cheaper to Run than HPS?

    In Short, YES!

    On average, LED Grow Lights use about 25-50% the energy that HPS Grow lights do. In the long run, LED Grow lights end up saving you money.

    LED grow lights also last more than twice as long as HPS lights.

    Are LED Grow Lights worth it?


    LED Grow lights beat out traditional HPS lights in almost every metric.

    Check out our article on 5 Reasons to Consider LED Grow Lights in Your Grow Tent.

    What Size Grow Tent Should I Use For the HLG 650R?

    We would recommend you use a 5’x5’ tent, considering this light has a flowering footprint of at least 5’x5’, a 5’x5’ tent would maximize your plant count and grow light potential!

    Below are some options available. Use code tent10 for an extra $10.00 off you grow tent!

    5’x5’ Grow Tents

    AC Infinity CloudLab 866: 5’x5’x6’7” Grow Tent- $219.00

    Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 v4.0 (5'x5'x7'1")- $425.00

    Original Gorilla Grow Tent 5’x5’x6’11”- $388.95

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews

    Needs some glasses this light is blazing. The new design is sleek. Going to run it with my 550 and compare the results are coming. Shout out to customer support she always goes the extra mile to help me out thanks.


    It's like the sun in a box. Beautiful light so bright!!!!!!!!!! Worth the money!!!!!

    Awesome light

    This light is a definite winner and worth every penny

    patricia A thomas
    the sun in your hands

    this light got delivered yesterday. the packaging was exquisite. the light is unbelievably bright. possible that i may be imagining it but i swear i see my plants growing overnight. i was a little afraid to spend the money. the discount helped me jump off into the deep end and if i get half as much more with this light it will well be worth the money. i may have to buy another one. dont hesitate! this is the light! grow on!

    Just one thing!

    Overkill for sure I'm my 4x4, but I like the ability to use less energy save some heat and still give the girls what they need. The one request I have is to offer a move your drive outside your tent plug n play cable set. To have that option for the summer.
    When things get hot.