Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 600 RSPEC 600W LED Grow Light
Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 600 RSPEC 600W LED Grow Light
Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 600 RSPEC 600W LED Grow Light
Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 600 RSPEC 600W LED Grow Light
Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 600 RSPEC 600W LED Grow Light
Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 600 RSPEC 600W LED Grow Light

Horticulture Lighting Group- HLG 600 RSPEC 600W LED Grow Light

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    HLG 600 RSPEC 600W LED Grow Light

    The HLG 600 RSPEC is a commercial indoor LED grow light designed to replace a 1000W HID grow light.

    The HLG 600 uses 4 custom designed full-spectrum, high-efficiency white light quantum boards with Samsung LM301H and deep red 660nm LEDs.

    This unit is dimmable with wattage outputs from 60 to 600 watts.  

    The HLG 600 RSPEC can be used in a grow tent, grow room or commercial setting!

    • High Efficiency, white light quantum boards
    • Full-Spectrum white and 660nm red
    • Reliable passive-cooled design
    • Better Canopy light penetration with diffused light
    • 60 to 630W dimmable design
    • Auto-sensing Inventronics power supply works on both 120VAC, 240VAC and 277VAC
    • 3 Year Warranty!


    PPFD Measurement Result at 24" in Height- 6" Square Grid

    PPFD Measurement Result at 30" in Height- 6" Square Grid




    Voltage Range:

    100-277V VAC 50-60Hz


    Samsung LM301H & Deep Red

    Flowering Footprint:

    5’x5’ @ 28”

    Veg Footprint:

    6’x6’@ 40”

    System PPF Efficacy:

    2.6 umol/j

    Total Output:

    1529 PPF



    Recommended Mounting Height:

    28-36” from canopy


    UL 8800, UL 1598, CSA


    3 Years



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Mark M
    Awesome light

    I’m not a person who reviews a lot but I had to review the HLG 600 Rspec I started growing with the sun systems 315 good light but I never got the results I was looking for when I started to grow my own.
    the nugs weren’t firm the quality was ok quantity was ok but not good enough .

    Like a lot of people on here I researched the s—t out of led lighting systems I decided to go with Hlg for one reason and one reason only the 600 rspec was on sale really that was the reason.
    Now I’m super stoked I did because the quality and firmness of the nugs is what I was looking to grow when 8 started.
    Just to give you an example
    All my grows under the sun systems 315 it took one full quart jar to hold a zip of Bud
    Now with the 600 Rspec After my first grow it took 1/2 a quart jar to hold an ounce. So my product is much denser. (And I don’t mean stupid )
    Thank you HLG.
    One more thing the customer service is awesome. Like I said I was new to led light and was worried about the power of the light damaging the plant. No worries after one email to customer service I had no concerns they informed me exactly how to use the light.
    if your wondering if you should buy ? do it you won’t be disappointed
    I am looking at replacing my 315 in my veg tent to one of the 100 Bspec

    Well that’s my two cents hope it helps.

    hater turned led believer

    I was the first to hate on led but using has for ten years. After friends told me they got more yield, I tried this light. I planned to hate on led and instead became a believer. The first run was a learning curve for sure the temp difference, and my girls drank the nutrients. Customer support answered my thirty or forty questions and helped every time can't say enough about the excellent service. HLG is the real deal LED that works. Hater turned believer!

    Best light I've ever used

    Lifetime grower...25 plus years....used hps, hid, kind led, metal halide, and a few other led brands......The hlg600r replaced my 1000 w hps and produces solid rocks of happiness at a 10% increase in yield. Better colors, terps , %.....No bulky ballast....no cooling fans, no ductwork, from heaven. Seriously.


    I had been in the market for an upgrade for my grow. After doing hours and hours probably even days of research I decided to go with the HLG 600R! When I first turned this light on, man was I surprised! Absolutely drowns my other LEDs and hps lights out! Great construction and machined to perfection! HLG is all I will be using from now on. I cannot wait to see where this company can take horticulture LED lighting in the future... I highly recommend this brand! If you don't have one, don't look any further, HLG is where it's at!

    Vincent Hernandez
    Awesome customer service

    I called in to the sales department on 1/20/21 and spoke with a nice guy whose name I don't remember. I wanted some advice for a 4x4 tent. Gave me the recommendation and said if you go online right now and do it I will have it shipped today!! Well guess what? Ot just came today 1/22/21. Happy birthday to me!! Thanks guys super excited to use this light.