Grower's Choice: 315W CMH Grow Light
Grower's Choice: 315W CMH Grow Light
Grower's Choice: 315W CMH Grow Light
Grower's Choice: 315W CMH Grow Light

Grower's Choice: 315W CMH Grow Light

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    Grower’s Choice 315W CMH Grow Light

    Grower’s Choice Horticultural Lighting has introduced their first digital 315 watt ceramic metal halide fixture. It utilizes advanced low frequency square wave technology and high efficiency 315 watt ceramic metal halide grow lamp. The GC-315 delivers the highest efficiency and closest spectrum to actual sunlight in the commercial horticultural industry.

    • Dimmable
      • The GC-315 and GC-1000 Digital Ballasts allow lamps of various wattages to be operated in the same unit simply by adjusting the dial on the ballast. Each lamp will be operated to the exact specification that the lamp requires
    • Smart-Step
      • Easily adjust the power output of your lamp by turning the dial on the ballast
        • Simply turn down or up depending on your power output needs
    • Super Lumen
      • Increase the output of your lamps highest wattage to achieve maximum performance.
    • AI Ignition Control
      • This revolutionary feature makes GC Series Digital Ballast the safest and most reliable ballast when used in automated multiple lamp applications
      • When multiple units are connected on the same circuit, the ignition control will balance the electrical draw by lighting each lamp one at a time to prevent any electrical surges
    • Soft Start
      • Helps prolong lamp life by stopping current rush to the lamp preventing lamp overload
      • When first starting up, the ballast will have a three second delay before ignition
      • After Ignition, randomized zero-two second delays will occur before full-brightness (3-5 min)
    • Re-Strike
      • Helps prevent restriking of a hot-lamp in the event of a power failure
        • If a hot-lamp is detected, the re-strike will be delayed for 60 second interval until a sufficient restrike temperature is detected
    • Lamp-Compatibility
      • Suitable for use with all high quality HPS, MH and CMH lamps
    • RF Shielding
      • Total-Harmonic-Distortion (THD) <10%
        • No interference with television or internal fans
    • Full-Circuit Protection
    • Running Temperature
      • The GC Series Digital Ballasts' unique case design acts as a superior heat sink making the ballast extremely cool
      • No need for running internal fans
    • Silent Operation
      • No internal fans allows this fixture to operate completely silent
    • High Energy Efficiency
      • 30% more efficient than standard magnetic ballast producing more lumens/watt of energy consumed
    • Automatic Frequency Adjustment
      • Auto adjusts output frequency to maintain constant output regardless of power fluctuations or aged lamps
      • Prevents “flickering”
    • Full Circuit Protection
      • Features open circuit protection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection and over temperature protection
        • Ballast performs a 3 second test of the circuit and in the event of a fault the ballast will go into protection mode to avoid damage to the ballast and lamp
    • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty








    1000 umol/s




    28 lbs

    Recommended Height:


    Lighting Footprint (veg):


    Lighting Footprint (flower):


    Rated Main Voltage:

    120V     240V

    Input Current:

    2.9A      1.5A

    Ignition Voltage:


    Input Frequency:

    50/60 Hz

    Power Factor:




    Required Lamp Voltage:

    110V +/-20V


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