Green Sunshine Co- Grow Tent Kit; x2 330W LED; 5x5 Grow Tent
Green Sunshine Co- Grow Tent Kit; x2 330W LED; 5x5 Grow Tent
Green Sunshine Co- Grow Tent Kit; x2 330W LED; 5x5 Grow Tent
Green Sunshine Co- Grow Tent Kit; x2 330W LED; 5x5 Grow Tent

Green Sunshine Co- Grow Tent Kit; x2 330W LED; 5x5 Grow Tent

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    The Green Sunshine Company has teamed up with Secret Jardin and AC Infinity to bring you one of the best grow tent kits that you can find!

    This grow tent kit includes everything a grower needs to get started growing today!

    This kit includes a Green Sunshine Company grow light, a Secret Jardin Tent, a pack of Earth Dust plant nutrients, and an AC Infinity Exhaust kit!

    This done-for-you kit takes the stress out of buying everything you need for a grow tent. Get started today with a grow tent kit!

    Description (ES300 V3- Wideband 330W LED Grow Light)

    Designed to grow maximum yields, the Electric Sky 300 V3 is ideal for a 2’x4’-3’x5’ grow tent or grow space.

    The Electric Sky V3 features diode technology allowing higher wattages for stunning growth power in small places!

    This light can be used throughout the plant cycle, from seedling to flower!

    The Electric Sky 300 allows growers to “aim” light to help reduce the light lost to aisles and walls while simultaneously increasing canopy penetration!

    The Electric Sky 300 includes a dimming kit, allowing for the perfect manipulation of light intensity.

    The distributed design allows for close canopy deployment without burning yours plants for maximum headroom!

    With the power of the Electric Sky 300, growers can now bring professional lighting to their home grow!

    Count on excellent trichrome development and a strong terpene profile with an Electric Sky over your plants. Rely on your own garden to get big yields of top-shelf product again and again…

    The Electric Sky 300 features a wideband color output spectrum. This wideband spectrum allows this LED light to run at only 330W while yielding better results compared to a HID fixture! In fact, side-by-side tests compared to a HID fixture have shown that the Electric Sky 300 can produce equal or better results at 40% less power and 50% less heat! Meaning not only will your plants be healthier and bigger, growers can also save money on their electric bill!

    The wideband spectrum of the Electric Sky 300 replicates the sun’s infrared wavelengths for growth power, creating a balanced color ratio that instructs plants to grow in a shape that maximizes yield!

    If you have a smaller grow space and are ready to upgrade your grow light, look no further than the Electric Sky 300 V3, it is the perfect grow light for any small grow area.

    One Electric Sky 300 V3 will flower a 2’x4’-3’x5’ grow area, growing 2-6 plants.

    Two Electric Sky 300 V3s will flower a 4’x4’-5’x5’ grow area, growing 4-10 plants!

    A bonus? The Green Sunshine Company is partnered with the National Forests Foundation, every time they sell a Electric Sky 300… five trees get planted in National US Forests.

    • True 300W power consumption – Twice the light output as HPS with an energy cost as low as $0.54 per day
    • A plant-tuned “wideband” full spectrum for rapid vegetative growth and heavy flower yield
    • Comfortable plant viewing – See plants in true color without light shining into your eyes
    • Full light intensity adjustment for all stages of plant growth
      • Control multiple lights at once with included daisy-chain dimming kit
    • Silent operation & passively cooled with no moving parts
    • Rectangular light projection — Fits grow tents or expands to any area
      • 1x ES300 will Flower a 2’x4-3’x5′ rectangular area – Grow 2-6 Plants
      • 2x ES300 will Flower a 4’x4′-5’x5’ square area – Grow 4-10 Plants
    • Linear lenses prevent light loss, increase canopy penetration and intensify growth power
    • Premium, heavy duty & solid construction with LEDs protected by easy-clean lenses
    • 2x ES300’s exceed the yield of 1000W HPS using only 600 Watts – Saving 40% energy costs with a better plant response
    • Grower-proven results for peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens, and exotic flowering plants

    ES300 Specifications





    Energy Use per day @ $.15/kWh:

    Flower(12 hrs): $.59/day| Veg(18 hrs): $.89/days


    2.75A @ 120V | 1.375A @ 240V


    0-10V- Dimmer and Daisy Chain Kit Included

    Heat BTU Generated:

    1,125.3 BTU


    GS3 Wideband Spectrum- continuous 400nm-780nm response

    LED Diode Count:


    Human Eye Appearance:

    2300K & 91 CRI

    Photon Efficiency (300nm-780nm):


    Dimensions (LxWxH):



    22 lbs

    Power Cord:

    10’ Cord- C14 Socket – compatible with C13 Plugs and adapters (Standard Power Cords)

    Recommended Hanging Height (Flower):


    Coverage Area (Flower):


    Recommended Hanging Height (Veg):


    Coverage Area (Veg):


    Expected Fixture Lifespan:

    70,000+ hours (16 yrs Flower | 10.6 yrs Veg)


    ETL, CSA, CE, RoHS, RCM listed for Worldwide Use


    3 Years


    Description (Grow Tent)

    The Secret Jardin Dark Street Grow Tent is just the addition you need in your garden to expertly control your climate indoors—perfect for LED Grow Lights to keep your environment warm and seal all of your light in.

    Unlike other grow tents, the Secret Jardin is quite sturdy given its affordability.  It includes special features for the grower, such as a SpaceBooster that prevents fan suction from “bowing in” the walls of your tent, a cable management system, and even a framed scrog net!

    The Dark Street 4.0 is a rare find in the market for a grow tent that blends functionality, quality and price.  It’s a joy to use, and you’ll enjoy having this in your garden for the next decade.

    Description (Earth Dust)

    Earth Dust is our all-natural plant nutrient designed for indoor and outdoor flowering plant growers. You can grow easily by “just adding water” to your soil for the entire growth cycle. It creates a “living soil” so your plants thrive from seedling all the way through flower and harvest. Earth Dust represents an organic dry amendment method of gardening, it’s made of a natural powder of ingredients.

    Because you only need to water your soil with Earth Dust, you can concentrate on caring for your plants and getting a healthy crop “on autopilot”. Now you can grow without spending hours of your life mixing chemical nutrients, and you can do it naturally. What’s more, is you will enjoy the cleanest, most aromatic, and flavorful harvest you’ve ever experienced when a plant grows in a rich, organic web of living soil.

    • All-Natural Ingredients – Mostly plant based – Safe around children and pets.
    • Packaged in kraft paper bags that are recyclable and compostable.
    • Easy to Use – Just mix the powder into soil 3 separate times – then water only.
    • Packed full of rich microbe food & contains billions of beneficial fungi and bacteria! Creates a resilient, living soil that defends against pests and diseases.
    • Rich in trace minerals and nutrients for full plant expression. Sourced from rock dust, sea-farmed kelp, and land-grown crops.
    • Soil Conditioners help balance pH and make nutrients more available in the soil. Achieved with ingredients like bat guano, worm castings, limestone, molasses, and humic acid.
    • The correct balance of N-P-K nutrients for each stage of growth:
      • Earth Dust Base (3-1-2) contains key nutrients for sustained vegetative growth. High nitrogen (N), Low Phosphorous (P), and Medium Potassium (K).
      • Earth Dust Boost (2-3-6) contains accelerated-release nutrients for powerful flowering growth. Low nitrogen (N), Medium Phosphorous (P), and High Potassium (K).
    • Re-use soil harvest after harvest by simply adding more Earth Dust Base to begin again. Create your own living soil that gets better every time it’s used.
    • Go organic, save time, and get predictable, healthy harvests.




    What’s Included?

    • One 5'x5’ Secret Jardin Grow Tent
    • Two ES300 LED Grow Lights
    • One 6” AC Infinity Exhaust Kit
      • One 6” AC Infinity Ducting Fan
      • One Odor-Scrubbing Carbon Filter
      • Ducting
    • One Earth Dust Combo
    • Three Secret Jardin Monkey Fans


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