Complete LED Grow Tent Kit 4x4: Ft. Secret Jardin & B.Lite
Complete LED Grow Tent Kit 4x4: Ft. Secret Jardin & B.Lite
Complete LED Grow Tent Kit 4x4: Ft. Secret Jardin & B.Lite

Complete LED Grow Tent Kit 4x4: Ft. Secret Jardin & B.Lite

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    Complete Grow Tent Kit

    Have you been wanting to get started growing but aren’t sure where to start?

    The options for buying all of the gear you need to start growing can be very overwhelming, we total get that. That is why we partnered with DL Wholesale to create the perfect grow tent kit for beginners so you can have everything you need to get started on a successful grow!

    This grow tent get features everything from a 600W LED Grow Light to a ventilation fan!

    • Secret Jardin Dark Room Dark Room v4.0 4’x4’ Grow Tent
    • B-Lite 1940 720W LED Grow Light
    • Secret Jardin Oscillating Fan
    • F5 6” In-Line Fan
    • SupremeAir 6” Carbon Filter
    • 6” | 25’ Ducting
    • Duct Tape
    • Gruve LED Grow Light Glasses
    • Lite BLMC Premium Lighting Controller
    • Pocket Microscope
    • Latex Free Gloves
    • Trellis
    • Grow1 Indoor + Outdoor Temp + Humidity Controller + Hydrometer
    • 10x Grow1 Five Gal. Fabric Grow buckets
    • Trimmers
    • Spill Tray
    • Bucket Elevators
    • And More!

    Secret Jardin Grow Tent

    Whether you’re wanting to use hydroponics or traditional pot and soil, Secret Jardin grow tents are specially and intuitively designed to provide the optimal growing environment to keep your plants happy and healthy. Secret Jardin grow tents truly are some of the most high quality grow tents on the market, and the quality speaks for itself, Secret Jardin has secured itself as one of the most popular grow tent brands in the industry.

    The Secret Jardin Dark Room 120 v3.0 is a self-contained enclosure tent designed out of reinforced aluminum featuring a waterproof, strong, washable lining, with an incredibly high reflective thermal film for the interior. The interior thermal film is 95% reflective and provides 97% insulating protection.

    Featuring a full-size zippered front door, the Dark Room 120 v3.0 allows easy access to your crops!

    The Dark Room 120 v3.0 features socks and ports that allow you to easily connect fans, filters and ducting to both sides of the grow tent, no need for clamps or reducers.

    This tent also features mini dual-sock ports that are designed for power cords and hydroponic tubing!


    Finally the Dark Room 120 v3.0 is made from non-toxic material, you can be rest-assured that your plants are growing without being exposed to toxic chemicals.

    The Secret Jardin Dark Room 120 v3.0 is a great option for both beginner and expert growers.






    Pole Material:


    Tent Material:

    210D Mylar


    31 lbs

    How Many Plants?:



    Grow Tent Setup Video(s)

    B-Lite 1940 720W LED Grow Light

    720W PREMIUM LED FIXTURE B-Lite Series Premium LED Fixtures are the preferred grow lights for gardeners of all skill levels and scale. Using Samsung Diodes, This state-of-the-art fixture uses the highest quality diodes, blanketing your canopy with maximum usable light. With lower operating temperature, lower amp draw, and multi-watt options, gardeners are empowered to take their grows to the next level. LED light is proven to produce not only the highest quality product, but also yield. These fixtures are fold-able for easy transport and Controllable with the B-Lite Master Controller.





    2.7 umol/J


    1915 umol/s

    LED Source:

    SamSung LED Chips (High performance)


    Full Spectrum



    Input Voltage:


    Power Factor:


    Mounting Height:

    >.6” Above Canopy

    Operating Temperature:

    14-104 F







    F5 6” Inline Fan

    The ultra-powerful F5 Fans use advanced mix-flow technology and have a specially engineered aerodynamic design which allows them to achieve an unheard of level of performance and efficiency. These fans maintain high CFM ratings, have powerful internal drive motors, are aerodynamically designed, feature UL recognized components, and an attached 8 ft power cord and mounting brackets.

    • Maintains high CFM ratings
    • Powerful internal drive motor
    • Super aerodynamic design
    • UL recognized components
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Energy Efficient
    • 595 CFM

    SupremeAir 6” Carbon Filter

    Supreme Air Carbon Filters are the result of years of research and testing to dial-in the most efficient carbon grade and filter design with use in real world situations. Supreme Air Carbon Filters are constructed of durable galvanized steel to provide added protection and easy transportation. They feature unique, built-in hanging brackets to help with fitment and installation. The filter's increased internal carbon surface area is capable of absorbing significantly more odors and all while improving the overall life of the filter. These carbon beds feature an overall set width to maximize the efficiency of the granular carbon. Supreme Air uses 100% certified Australian virgin activated granular carbon to provide you with better odor absorbing capabilities and higher air flow volumes. Supreme Air sources carbon from Australia due to it’s consistent quality and unique composition. Supreme Air Carbon Filters provide easier installation, more airflow, and better air filtration with extended operation life beyond that of competitor brands.

    Secret Jardin 16W Monkey  Fan 2.0

    Monkey Fans are the perfect product to keep air circulating throughout your crops. Whether growing in tents or rooms, you can hook these monkey fans on quickly, and regularly adjust their height. With a fit of small adaptable fit, the monkey fan hook allows you to attach it quickly to virtually every type of grow tent pole as well as PVC (commonly used to stretch trellis across canopies). This compact and versatile fan is great for air circulation as well as withstanding the humid environment which grow rooms offer.

    NOTE: Fan should never operate 24/7.

    6” Ducting Plus Duct Tape


    B.Lite BLMC Premium Lighting Controller

    B.Lite BLMC MASTER ZONE CONTROLLER. B-Lite Master Controller (BLMC) is the most user friendly and versatile lighting controller on the market. With touch screen interactive display, setup and modifications to your grow schedules will never be easier. There are also two groups on this controller allowing you to run two rooms side by side and stagger your energy usage. B-Lite Master Controller is compact, easy to install, durable, and ready to run your grow!

    GROW1 Climate Meter

    GROW1 Indoor & Outdoor Temperature And Humidity Hygrometer w/ Probe

    The Grow1 Temperature and Humidity Meter with probe is the must have product for every grow room or greenhouse. This meter includes a wired probe and displays the date, time, temperature, humidity, weather forecast, hourly thermometer trends, max/min temperature and humidity records, and has an alarm and snooze function. Requires (2) AG10 batteries, not included.


    EZ Co2 Delay Activated Co2 Producing Mushroom Bag

    EZ CO2 is a natural safe and inexpensive way of providing your plants with carbon dioxide (CO2). EZ CO2 houses a non-fruiting mycelial mass (fungus) and enough organic matter to sustain it for approximately 6 months. The fungus creates a symbiotic relationship with the plant: Breathing in oxygen released by the plant and releasing carbon dioxide (released 24 hours a day through the breather patch on the bag) creating a natural self-sustained inexpensive CO2 generator. EZ CO2 is odor-free produces no heat and is already giving off CO2 as soon as you purchase it there’s nothing to turn on or set up.

    Other Included Items

    Gruve LED Grow Light Glasses

    Pocket Microscope

    Latex Free Gloves

    Extra Trellis

    10x Grow1 Five Gal. Fabric Grow Buckets

    Grow Bucket Elevators

    4’x4’ Spill Tray

    Piranha Pruning Shears

    Light Hangers


    How many plants can I fit in a 4x4 Grow Tent?

    This tent can fit up to 9 plants

    Are LED Grow Lights worth it?


    LED Grow lights are by far the best option available for all growers.

    Whether it be much lower energy costs, delivery of a more full spectrum of light, or the ability to grow plants faster and more healthy, you simply cannot beat the advantages of LED Grow Lights.

    Check out this article to learn more 5 Reasons to Consider LED Grow Lights in Your Grow Tent

    Is this a good grow tent kit for beginners?

    Yes, this tent comes with everything you need to get started growing.

    All of the products included are easy to assemble and easy to use!


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